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Candle holder for dinner candle – black


The candle holder with metal lid looks simple yet very stylish. The glass stands in nice contrast to the metal lid. A short dinner candle fits best into the holder. You can decorate the glass seasonally depending on the time of year: With a pine twig during winter, small Easter eggs in spring, half filled with water and a floating flower in the summer, with nuts and colourful leaves at autumn, but also without decoration, the candle holder looks just fantastic. With a lit candle it adds an extra portion of cosiness in the living room, as in the dining room or the kitchen. The candle holder with metal lid is also a nice gift idea for a loved one.

Candle holder for short normal size dinner candle.

Dimensions in cm: H: 17,5 Ø: 8,5

Colour: Grey/Black Clear

Candle not included.

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Weight 0.40 kg